“At the Nuns” Restaurant


We are sending our hospitality message to anyone seeking cozy and relaxing atmosphere!

Have you ever had the feeling that the meaning of your own life is evading you? Have you ever needed a quiet harbour that will give you peace and warmth?... Each one of us is in search of comfort and a tender smile that will caress our whole being. Each craves for a kind welcome and a warm friendly hand to shake...

We, the united staff at “At the Nuns” Restaurant welcome you in our paradisiacal place! As soon as you step over the threshold, you will immerse in the idyllic atmosphere of past-days life-style, your entire soul will feel the warmth of that sacred place ..., in a moment you will let go of your daily troubles and will give your whole self in to the rest that everyone deserves!

We are glad that you step back from a long journey on the stones of our path, following the flavour of a Bulgarian richly-laid table, following a close or remote memory of yours. We are also glad about you – for whom today is the first time you have come to us. We hope that in time the same memory, rich in geranium and thyme aroma, will bring you back here. Wherever you are, do not forget the delicious cooking of Mom’s, the flavour of fresh kebap meat and St. George’s Day lamb with a bunch of geranium added for health and luck, and the Christmas or Easter ritual breads. Let us show you that we have preserved our traditional customs and culture in order to better preserve ourselves!

May you enjoy good health and disposition!

We wish you the best of luck and love!